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  1. Emory MN Fall 2023

    Undergrad 3.5 Masters 4.0 Specialist 4.0 Pre-requisites I took at Georgia State: 4.0 so altogether I turned in 4 transcripts. I got A’s in all prerequisites except statistics, which I got a B in. I also completed a personal s...
  2. Emory MN Fall 2023

    I did not. I have 3 still in progress (A&P 2, Micro, and Nutrition).
  3. Emory MN Fall 2023

    I found information here about accreditation: https://www.nursing.emory.edu/frequently-asked-questions-category-collections/admissions#section-7 Also, I found this: https://directory.ccnecommunity.org/reports/rptAccreditedPrograms_New.asp...
  4. Emory MN Fall 2023

    Hey Everyone, I did not see a thread started for this topic. I applied to Emory’s MN (Master of Nursing) program August 1st and was accepted on September 15th (Decision Day). This program starts in Fall 2023. Good Luck to those that ar...