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  1. Wanting to quit my NICU job!!

    Did they start you on feeders and growers? Are you ready to move on to more difficult tasks? Perhaps that's why you're feeling the way you do? If so, you need to speak up.?Also, night shift can be such a killer. One year is literally a VERY short amo...
  2. Advice for a New grad ICU vs Oncology

    I would pick the best inpatient position. It's much more difficult to get into the hospital from the outside than getting in at the start. You can always move elsewhere afterwards.
  3. Travel Nursing with Reprimands?

    Don't give up! I don't have any advice except to keep applying. And be honest. Hopefully someone will offer you another chance.
  4. Why do some fairly new nurses talk down about bedside nursing?

    I've noticed a trend with my kids and their friends—they don't want to pay their dues. They don't want to start out at the bottom and work their way up. They are not very interested in doing any "dirty work" which I guess would translate into cleanin...
  5. Nursing Exam Failure Rates Spark Review

    I think dumbing down the test is a really bad idea. Dumbing down tests results in ill prepared people serving in positions where they can cause tremendous harm. Plus, it’s the last barrier for people who cheated during nursing school from licensure (...
  6. Random drug testing- how paranoid are you?

    I’m a little paranoid. I didn’t take one narcotic prior to having spine/back surgery, when I was in major pain. I don’t eat poppy seed anything. I will take a half dose of a 0.5 mg benzo once a year to help me sleep when I haven’t slept for days due ...
  7. New Grad 10 Months Out Needs Help Landing A Job

    I’ve interviewed nurses in the past. I find honesty works. I had surgery, it was during Covid, there were a lot of delays, I am 100 percent fine now. I would have been totally fine with that answer. I have significant gaps in my resume. I e...
  8. is Nursing School HARDER than Medical School?

    Medical school is harder. The hours are longer. The volume of material to learn is much greater. The stress is greater. I really do not believe the two can be compared. Medical boards vs the NCLEX? I have a close friend who’s a resident. He doe...
  9. New Nurse, New Mom

    When I worked nights, in the beginning it was difficult for my husband to understand that I needed to sleep during the day. After one long shift, he called me at noon to let me know that chicken breasts were on sale at the local grocery store and it ...
  10. Misinformation and Medicine

    I’m not presenting it as right wing or left wing. I explained how I believe the public saw it. Perception is very important and the medical community, I believe, harmed itself. Yes, Fauci lied. He was the spokesperson and representative. He admitted...
  11. COVID Shots Added to Vax Schedule for Kids and Adults: What Do You Think?

    It isn’t a vaccine. Perhaps you want to educate yourself about the definition of vaccine.
  12. COVID Shots Added to Vax Schedule for Kids and Adults: What Do You Think?

    Mandating an experimental vaccine for children scares the heck out of me. The virus has mutated. It is less virulent but more contagious (the nature of a virus). Children are suffering more from RSV and the Flu. The risks far outweigh the benefits. L...
  13. Wrong Department?

    Completely absurd to state that a new nurse should be precepting. What a disaster. Is that just a cover up for not having any experienced staff left? My inner cynic is working overtime these days.
  14. Misinformation and Medicine

    At the beginning of Covid, fear was rampant. Inaccuracies and flat out lies were distributed by Dr. Fauci and the CDC (such as masking not being necessary for non-health care workers). Then the vaccine came along and it was being withheld from most ...
  15. New Nurse After 7 Years of Attempting NCLEX

    Home health won’t offer you the nursing foundation you will receive in a hospital residency program. That being said, CONGRATULATIONS! That’s pretty amazing. If I had not passed the NCLEX the first time around, l figured I never would because it was ...