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  1. Either of you starting at Grossmont ED?
  2. SHARP Spring 2023

    It took them 2-3 weeks to get back to me after references
  3. Scripps March/May 2023

    I got an email to a link to set up a call with HR
  4. Scripps March/May 2023

    I have an interview for Encinitas DOU on the 27th. So that timeline seems right!
  5. SHARP Spring 2023

    Has anyone signed an offer letter for April cohort?
  6. Same I had a verbal from Grossmont ED on 12/2. I submitted my RN experience and references completed their stuff. So now I’m just waiting!
  7. SHARP Spring 2023

    How long after your verbal offer did you submit references? My program doesn’t start until April but I just want to sign a contract so I’m locked in
  8. SHARP Spring 2023

    Goodluck! Which unit it is?
  9. SHARP Spring 2023

    It went well! They asked me about an ethical dilemma, a situation where you had to confront a supervisor, why sharp, what my 5 year plan is, tell me about a time you got criticism and how you handled it.
  10. SHARP Spring 2023

    I did it this afternoon
  11. SHARP Spring 2023

    I got a contingent offer from Grossmont ED!
  12. Scripps March/May 2023

    Haven't heard anything yet!
  13. SHARP Spring 2023

    Is anyone moving from out of state?
  14. SHARP Spring 2023

    Any tips? I haven’t had any interviews yet but mine is on Friday
  15. SHARP Spring 2023

    I just got a call for an interview for Grossmont ED which I found strange since I applied for that department in August LOL I applied to two med surg units in October