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  1. Need advice. Accept offer from NEIT or wait

    Thank you so much for your thoughtful reply. I have actually been leaning more towards the LPN route the last couple of days, because financially it will be more feasible. LPN to RN was my initial plan, but I kept seeing L{Ns don't get hired and...
  2. Experience with NEIT

    Just wondering if anyone has any recent experience with the NEIT nursing program? I have been accepted but do have my reservations. I'm just wondering if the cost is worth it for the training and education you receive, and how it is finding a job ...
  3. My ultimate goal is to work as an RN. I'm currently struggling with which path to take. I have been accepted to the NEIT ADN nursing program. I have my concerns about the program, one concern is the cost. My other options are to wait it out and hope...