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  1. IV Piggyback: Benefits of Its Administration

    I don't know if it is the unit policy but the nurses I have been following hang primary ns even with one time order abx or anything IVPB order. I was told to use two different channels when running potassium to ease the discomfort. Do you do like tha...
  2. IV Piggyback: Benefits of Its Administration

    if the pt has continuous/prolonged abx infusion every few hours do I have to change the vtbi every time when I change the secondary? How much do you set for primary rate and vtbi if there are multiple abx running in different rates and different amou...
  3. IV Piggyback: Benefits of Its Administration

    Thanks! if the pt does not have fluid order and if he or she may have risk of fluid overload can I set the vtbi as 30ml and then disconnect it? Thank you! so like you said if there are multiple abx ordered at the same time 33/hr and 200/hr wh...
  4. The intravenous piggyback (IVPB) infusion is a method of giving intravenous (IV) solutions to patients. IVPBs are smaller doses of medication that "piggyback" off the central IV line. Table of Contents IV Piggyback (IVPB) Overview ...

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