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  1. They only take your science courses GPA. A&P courses were pretty tough but really make sure you look up reviews on your professors. ILR260 was really easy, it's been a while so I don't really remember if that class had mainly DB posts and mini qu...
  2. I believe 55k.
  3. Hi, hope all is well! Thought I'd start this thread for Cohort 72. Sadly I didn't get into Cohort 71... I applied with a 3.7 GPA and an 82% on the TEAS. I was fortunate enough to get an interview, but my scores didn't qualify me for that term. ...
  4. National University San Diego Cohort 71

    I didn’t get in, really bummed and crying my eyes out. But I’ll try harder next time. Congratulations to everyone that got in though!
  5. National University San Diego Cohort 71

    Anyone receive an acceptance email? I read from a thread for cohort 70 some got accepted the day after their interview. I’m super nervous, but sending you all some comfort while we wait!
  6. National University San Diego Cohort 71

    I wasn’t asked if I had any questions, IDK if she was running out of time but now I’m worried. :/ Good luck everyone!!
  7. National University San Diego Cohort 71

    Hi everyone! GPA: 3.75 | TEAS: 82% I have my interview on the 15th! And I’m feeling so anxious! How are you guys preparing?