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  1. Stanford New Grad RN Residency August 2022

    Ty so much :’) I crieddd. yes, at the unit interview the manager stated she would call us all to let us know if we got the job or not. The unit interview was narrowed down to 6 people with only 3 positions. My interview was yesterday
  2. Stanford New Grad RN Residency August 2022

    Just received an offer for Neuro ICU!! They’re still rolling out!! Good luck everyone and congratulations for coming this far into the process!! proud of you all ! ❤️
  3. Thank you so much for starting the post!! I have been anxiously waiting for some type of update. I just checked my application status and it has changed to Review In Progress. Good Luck to everyone!! We got this!
  4. Stanford New Grad RN Residency August 2022

    I was a CNA for 1.5 years LVN for 5 years. Now up is my RN. Yasssss! Love those!! I feel that would be with the unit managers. I did read that the first panel is with a recruiter then from there if they feel you're the right fit, they se...
  5. Stanford New Grad RN Residency August 2022

    Good Luck everyone on interviews!! && don’t give up hope to those still waiting. If it helps. I turned in my application about 5 min before the deadline. I got my panel interview invite for my number 1 choice of ICU on 06/01/22. I...