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  1. Cedars-Sinai New Grad Summer 2022

    Does anyone know the pay rate for new grad residency?
  2. New Grad Pediatric Cardiac ICU Resources

    Hello, I'm about to start my PCICU job in a couple weeks at a huge childrens hospital as well! How was your first year? Any tips?
  3. Loma Linda Children’s Hospital August 2022 Cohort

    Just making a note: commitment is 3 years for this RN residency program! First year: you get paid around 37/hr Year(s) after residency: around 46/hr.
  4. Loma Linda Children’s Hospital August 2022 Cohort

    Thank you! I was emailed an offer for the Cardiac PICU and the adult CCU. I interviewed for the adult CCU today and was offered a position on the spot! I'll probably take the PCICU position though because I know how beneficial it is to have ICU exper...
  5. Loma Linda Children’s Hospital August 2022 Cohort

    Hello, I got an email of an offer today! They actually called me the next day after my interview (a week ago) but I think they're still interviewing and accepting more people until the end of June according to this year's hiring timeline on thei...