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  1. UCI MEPN Fall 2023

    For those of us who applied by priority, did the interview, and haven't heard back, I believe we are in "limbo." My thoughts are that stand in a space where we *may* be accepted, *may* be waitlisted, and *may* be rejected based off the applications f...
  2. UCLA MECN 2023

    I know how hard it feels to be put on a waitlist, I too am on it. You'll probably hear this a lot because I heard it all day yesterday, but try to see the bright side of it. At least we made it onto the list. Out of the hundreds of applications UCLA ...
  3. UCLA MECN 2023

    I think previous chains said if you were #1-#15 on the waitlist you had a pretty strong chance of getting in. I'm already thinking of how to rewrite my personal statement for next cycle LOL.
  4. UCLA MECN 2023

    Hi everyone, Just received an email stating I am waitlisted. Crossing my fingers I get in, but still waiting to hear back from a few schools!
  5. UCLA MECN 2023

    Hi everyone, to those who have received an update. Are you being notified through email or is there a change in the portal?
  6. UCI MEPN Fall 2023

    tell me about it. it's my birthday today and all I can think about is ✨ school ✨
  7. UCI MEPN Fall 2023

    Is it bad that I lost hope LOL.
  8. UCI MEPN Fall 2023

    I haven't heard anything back. My last name start with an R. Sucks when you get an interview and don't hear back.
  9. UCI MEPN Fall 2023

    I think so! I have both as well. However; not entirely sure if that was always there or just recently updated.
  10. UCI MEPN Fall 2023

    LOL! The forensic analysist in me always has me looking for patterns LOL. I received my interview invite 01/20 at like 2 p.m. ish. Hopefully we will hear something back today.
  11. UCI MEPN Fall 2023

    Any thoughts as to when we will hear back? Based off the past few years, it seems like people get invited to interview, have about a week to complete it, then hear back as to if they were admitted / waitlisted the Friday of the following week. ...
  12. UCLA MECN 2023

    @nuggie1 Maybe I'm just overanalyzing... its the forensic minor in me LOL. I just remember only seeing a 9 digit application ID sent to us within the Submission Acknowledgment email. I don't meant to cause any stress or panic if it isn't anything LOL...
  13. UCLA MECN 2023

    @MimiCal Okay perfect. No need to worry myself then LOL! Here's to another slowwwww week LOL
  14. UCLA MECN 2023

    I found myself falling down the rabbit hole as each day goes on LOL. I was reading up on past chains just to get a feel for when we may hear anything back. I read that some people saw a university ID on their application in February. Does anyone know...
  15. UCLA MECN 2023

    Hi there. I believe its 70 students each cohort. However, if a previously accepted student defers their acceptance to the next year, then it would be less than 70. Sorry if that did not make sense, didn't know how to put it quite into words LOL.