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  1. Pacific Union College

    I'm not even sure what requires one to need to do the health assessment and pathophysiology. I think it was a general statement and we might not know if it is required of us until orientation. I have heard from others that most people do it and it is...
  2. Pacific Union College

    Just received a acceptance email. Letter should be following. Don't lose hope folks just because you haven't received anything. I did email office yesterday and received a response shortly after. Woohoo. Super excited to meet you all!
  3. Pacific Union College

    I just called (MODERATOR EDIT OF NAME) in the nursing department there to get a status update in my application and she told me by end of next week 6/24 and that they are really busy. I'm not understanding thier process. So nerve wracking ladies. I'm...
  4. Pacific Union College

    OK. I live up in Placerville so hopefully it's a distance thing and I'll get by end of week. Thanks!
  5. Pacific Union College

    That's awesome. Congrats! Was it accompanied by a email?
  6. Pacific Union College

    Another week folks of anticipation and constantly checking my mailbox and email every 10 minutes. If anyone hears anything please let us know. Be well and good luck to us all.
  7. Pacific Union College

    Thank you for the update. I really appreciate that. The daily anticipation has me on my toes.
  8. Pacific Union College

    I'm waiting too and are under the impression that we should be hearing back any day now. Fingers crossed 🤞.