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  1. Los Medanos RN

    Has anyone been to get their scrubs? I was thinking of going immediately after orientation, since I'm in Concord and they're in Brentwood. Most of my onboarding stuff is done now! I'm just waiting to do my 2nd step PPD and physicians physical.
  2. Los Medanos RN

    This is where I'm going this afternoon! Nice to know it is legit, I wasn't sure... Might be nice for those of you who live in or near baypoint to come here instead of going to San Ramon
  3. Los Medanos RN

    I found another location in Concord... It didn't populate on the LMC site but I check with LabCorpdotcom and was able to put in my zip code which found one closer. I'm hoping it's legit since it didn't initially populate. I'm down for a ...
  4. College of Marin Fall 2022

    schedules are gonna be given in NE95, I asked this question when we received the welcome email a few weeks back.
  5. Thoughts on Commuting

    I've been accepted into a program that is about a 3 hour commute daily. I have also been accepted to a program about 30-45 minutes daily would be spent on commuting. I am very fortunate to have options and I am needing advice here. I would like to kn...
  6. Los Medanos RN

    I got in with 128 points! I'm curious to know how many points other people have?
  7. Phlebotomy Question

    In my experience this information was provided by the phlebotomy school I attended.
  8. CCSF Fall 2022

    They said they'd send alternate and denial letter mid June. Don't stress y'all! Those admitted to Spring have until June 24th to accept, so I imagine those admitted to Fall have their deadline coming up sooner than that... After that they'll most lik...
  9. CCSF 2021

    Can you give any specifics about your time int he program? Were you able to go into hospitals for clinicals? How were the professors and the workload for the 1st year? Any other advice would be appreciated.
  10. CCSF Nursing Spring 2022

    hello! for those of you who started las Spring, are classes in person and are you getting to go into hospitals for your clinicals? I've been accepted to Spring 2023 and some other Fall 2022 programs, so trying to weigh my options. Also, if you could ...
  11. CCSF Fall 2022

    I got my acceptance for Spring but I will be declining because I've been accepted elsewhere for Fall and I am taking the TEAS 7 for LMC next week for a chance to be accepted into their Fall program as well.
  12. Merritt College Fall 2022 ADN

    Finally received my denial letter. I knew it was coming due to the lack of communication on their part. Good luck to those of you who got in and are going!
  13. Chabot College Fall 2022

    Oh yikes! I can't believe I missed that 🤦🏾‍♀️Chabot was my top choice until they deferred the program... I'm grateful I got into somewhere else for the fall otherwise this would be more devastating.
  14. Chabot College Fall 2022

    I was rejected for not sending the application via pdf format to the email listed on the application checklist.... I looked at the checklist and didn't see this as a requirement, nor can I locate an email. Did anyone email their application in? I mai...
  15. Merritt College Fall 2022 ADN

    Yeah me too. That's the downside of a lottery program