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RNicolee has 3 years experience and specializes in LPN.

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  1. Is this HIPAA violation?

    I used facebooks private messaging systems that says it’s encrypted from end to end. I then deleted all messages I sent after the conversation. I did screenshot the messages before deleting for proof to the investigator that I did have this persons p...
  2. Is this HIPAA violation?

    I didn’t contact her on facebook public posts. I private messaged her.
  3. Is this HIPAA violation?

    Would it be a violation of HIPAA?
  4. Is this HIPAA violation?

    So back story a previous employer reported me to the BON for “abandonment” cause I quit my job. Well I was contacted by the BON for an investigation and I was able to contact the employee who gave me permission to go home that day on facebook. She do...
  5. Reported to Board of Nursing

    So I was a private duty nurse at a company for almost 2 years. I had put in my 2 week notice and became sick during one of my last shifts. I called the office and told them I was sick and needed to go home. They stated if I brought my patient to the ...