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  1. APS reporting and then termination

    The wound had been addressed. I was the wound care nurse. As I stated there were current orders on the wound. Resident had skin tears with steristrips applied. Provider orders. And then one day I made rounds and another nurse applied a compression d...
  2. APS reporting and then termination

    It was the appropriate action. The dressing applied was incorrect and applied tightly. Hand was red and warm and swollen. I couldn’t leave something like that in place….especially when it was the WRONG dressing applied which ended up causing more har...
  3. APS reporting and then termination

    Hi everyone! LPN of 10 years here. Today I was fired from my job for insubordination. Background: facility I worked for I did wound care management. I requested specific orders for a resident. And applied that dressing order. Days passed w...