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Lizzy Tran has 2 years experience and specializes in Pre nursing student.

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  1. EVC Nursing 2022

  2. EVC Nursing 2022

    How did you guys know how many points you'd be? Is there a page that shows the amount of points correlating to each GPA/TEAS?
  3. SJSU Spring 2023 BSN

    Heyy everyone! This form is for those applying to the sjsu Spring 2023 BSN program! please share your stats if you'd like!
  4. USFCA BSN FALL 2022

    Did you input any health care experience?
  5. SJSU (TVFSON) Fall 2022

    Wow thats impressive I heard SFSU only accepts 30 people right? I might be wrong IDK
  6. SJSU (TVFSON) Fall 2022

    Congrats everyone! Is anyone choose a different school over SJSU?
  7. USFCA BSN FALL 2022

    Congrats! How did you show that your Microbiology was still in process? Since we only submitted the official transcripts.
  8. USFCA BSN FALL 2022

    I got rejected! My essays definitely needed more help. GPA: 3.96
  9. USFCA BSN FALL 2022

    Was your counselor Milford Miles too?