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  1. OR Nurse Preparation

    I start my new grad program at the end of June. Any suggestions on how to study early or books to buy to prepare beforehand. I'm nervous but excited. Thanks
  2. Need Your Advice: OR or ICU Ltac

    the orientation for ICU is 6 weeks. OR is 8 weeks class work and 13 weeks with a preceptor and then im on my on unless I don't feel comfortable.
  3. Need Your Advice: OR or ICU Ltac

    I don't know what type of nurse I want to be. I am a single mother so money is important. I want a feild that will offer money, satisfaction in actually saving lives, something that I can move anywhere and be in demand. im not sure what I want becau...
  4. Need Your Advice: OR or ICU Ltac

    New grad with 2 opportunities... ICU in ltac paying pretty well or new grad residency acute care in OR paying $29. Which is a better choice?
  5. Fake Nursing School Scammed Me

    yall are rude. she made a mistake. the best advice here is get a lawyer or sit for the Florida NCLEX. you should still be able to get you RN license there. good luck
  6. Fake Nursing School Scammed Me

    I know people that graduated from there so its not a fake school. However it was a shady school because you could graduate in 3 months. Can you graduate in Florida?