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  1. IntelyCare

    Has anyone tried IntelyCare and if so what was/is your experience like? I am a CNA/current BSN student and I was looking at doing this as a part-time job to make some money. Do you have any recommendations? They have malpractice insurance so do you t...
  2. Penicillin Reconstitution Help

    Thank you so much, I completely agree LOL. I hope you enjoy the rest of you day and thank you again 🙂
  3. Penicillin Reconstitution Help

    THANK YOU SO MUCH! When I tell you, you just saved my sanity you did. Okay, so the reason why those are the answers is because we want to administer the lowest ml? Thank you so much, I was racking my brain why I couldnt understand it. Thank you so mu...
  4. Penicillin Reconstitution Help

    The answers were provided by my prof but she did not explain how she came to the conclusion that she did. I guess I am having problems with the reconstitution? I am trying to figure out how the certain ml was chosen for reconstitution. Once I get the...
  5. Hello Everyone, I am having problems answering two questions regarding Penicillin Reconstitution and my professor is not answering my email. Can you please explain the problem and your reasoning behind the answer/mls used? 1. Order: Penici...