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Seize-the-Day has 5 years experience and specializes in psych.

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  1. Applying for a PMHNP license in California

    Hi guys, I'm going to apply for my california license this week and wondering if you guys have any tips to speed up the process? I'm hoping to be able to practice and prescribe asap after license. do you know if I can do the schedule II prescribing m...
  2. PMHNP-therapy

    Hi there! I in PMHNP program and love therapy so also thought about getting further training. I wanted flexibility so looked into online programs with local internships, and the most convenient/cost effective I could find is University of Cumberlands...
  3. NP Supervision in CA in Psych

    Thank you! This is helpful.
  4. NP Supervision in CA in Psych

    Hi there! About to finish my program in PMHNP and wondering about physician supervision in California. The dream is to start my own practice and wondering if anyone has any suggestions on how to find a supervising physician? I read in different thr...