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  1. Temporary Lifting Restrictions?

    No; I actually ended up going to a different surgeon. My hernia was really small and the first surgeon was wanting to do laparoscopic with mesh, but there was no need given how small it was. I went to a different doctor and he did an open repair and ...
  2. Temporary Lifting Restrictions?

    Should have clarified. All of my clinicals right now are purely shadowing. I’ve already had the surgery and thankfully I did it during a gap in my clinicals, so my school was only moderately difficult about it.
  3. Temporary Lifting Restrictions?

    Hi. I am currently in an accelerated nursing program and found out that I have an umbilical hernia. I am needing to have surgery, so I planned it for a little break in school. My lifting restriction will be 10 pounds for first 3 weeks, 20 pounds for ...