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  1. Providence TIPS New Grad May 2022

    Does anyone know when applications open again?
  2. Scripps New Grad January 2023

    I just applied. Is the on-demand video long? I'm planning on doing it tomorrow.
  3. UCLA New Grad Residency Spring 2023

    I think if you've taken the assessment before it's good for one year.
  4. Long Beach Memorial Miller New Grad September 2022

    Did anyone apply to the Nov 2022 cohort?
  5. Cedars Sinai New Grad RN Residency Fall 2022

    Cool thanks!
  6. SHARP New Grad Nurse Residency Program Winter 2022-2023

    Has anyone heard anything?
  7. UCSD Fall New Grad 2022

    Does anyone know if they're sending throughout this week? My status still says "Referred to Hiring Department"...not sure if that means I still have a chance?
  8. Cedars Sinai New Grad RN Residency Fall 2022

    I received an email too! What is a connectivity test?
  9. CHLA New RN Residency November 2022 Cohort

    I emailed them a week ago and they said late this week they might send out invites.
  10. CHLA New RN Residency November 2022 Cohort

    Does anyone know how to check the status of their application? When I login to my dashboard nothing pops up
  11. CHLA New Grad RN November 2022

    Hi I submitted an application on July 26. How do you check your status? when I log in to my dashboard I don't see anything?
  12. UCLA New Grad Residency Summer 2022

    Hi guys! I was wondering if anyone could help me. In the information session did they say if all letter of recs need letter heads? Even the clinical instructors? Also, to whom should they address it too? The resume shouldn't be longer than...