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  1. Getting Back On Track To CRNA

    You could probably get into CRNA school with your FNP degree and past ICU experience. Some programs will favor you as an applicant because of your grad school experience.
  2. Debating Withdrawing From CRNA school

    In my experience with my classmates, you likely want to be perfect/ get perfect scores etc. if you got into the programX you are a high performer. You beat so many applicants to get that spot. You worked your *** off. My program in the beginning s...
  3. CRNA School Acceptance

    Just graduate and then get into an ICU. Take some additional classes if you want to look like a stellar applicant. Get your CCRN as soon as possible. Maybe even take a grad level class. I have some classmates who did that. I got in at 2 years of ICU ...