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NurseLindsey has 2 years experience as a BSN and specializes in IR.

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  1. Quitting Nursing

    actually I will say that procedure based nursing isn't bad. For example, while my specific department was toxic and I needed to leave, IR nursing itself was fine and I actually liked my job. I sedated patients (moderate sedation) and managed them dur...
  2. Quitting Nursing

    Just started ICU about a month ago, was so excited. The bubble has officially burst. It's not worth it. Sticking it out for about 6 months if I can tolerate it and then running back to public health.
  3. New Nurse, Thinking About Throwing in the Towel

    I sincerely wish I could go back to 2018 me and stop me from enrolling in nursing school. I have to say I have made a lot more money as a result of getting my RN (working Covid OT and nursing as a side hustle while maintaining my 9-5 when I stepped a...
  4. I went to nursing school as a second career move, I thought I wanted to be an acute care NP. After working as a nurse for just a month Covid hit and everything changed. I went back to my desk job that I had before nursing school after 1.5 years of Co...
  5. NYP Hiring Process

    This is basically exactly what I did. Continued applying to the units I wanted to interview for over a period of 10 months and I finally got a call. And then an offer. You have to just keep putting your name out there.
  6. NYP Hiring Process

    I definitely think it depends on the recruiter. I worked with two and one was very efficient, quick, moved things along (I almost felt rushed) and the other much slower. Keep applying
  7. NYP

    Hi! Any follow up on your offer? Did you take the job? How has it been working there if you did? Hi! Any updates? How's your orientation going? I will be starting in a few weeks, looking for advice/insight.
  8. Make a good impression

    Do you have any advice now for someone in your 'old' shoes?? I am starting a new SICU job in t-8 weeks and my only experience is IR. I'm excited but also terrified. I've never done bedside nursing (other than some assistive shifts during covid surges...
  9. In my experience listing my capstone helped me get my first job. I agree that listing all clinicals is kind of generic but I think there is value in listing your capstone, especially if it was in a specialty or an area of nursing that is relevant to ...
  10. Definitely keep all the clinical experiences but list the student clinicals separately from your professional experiences (agree with in the education section of your resume, literally just list them). It's all about how you explain it when asked abo...
  11. New Graduate Nurse NYC

    Get an entry level position at a smaller hospital, or even outpatient, work for a year and then start applying to jobs you really like. My advice would be to limit your applications to a specific specialty or unit that you want to work on. For exampl...
  12. My odds of getting hired at NYP

    What is the hourly rate? How many hours is the 101k based on (ie. 36 vs. 40)
  13. Want to work in ICU

    I recently accepted an offer for a surgical trauma ICU in the city and I am ecstatic. I have about 1.5 years of acute care experience, mostly in IR, but also floated voluntarily to med/surg and ICU during covid for assistive shifts and in that time l...