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  1. Maricopa CEP Spring 2023

    I recently got accepted into the Spring 2023 GCU/MCC Cep Program! Has anyone else gotten accepted?
  2. Maricopa CEP Spring 2023

    Yes! I applied and recently got in for GCU/MCC
  3. Maricopa CEP program 2022

    Hi guys! I already had one person tell me to retake my HESI admission test to get into ASU/Mcc cep program! My HESI scores originally are 87.50% cumulative. I sadly did not get into the GCU/MCC program ): english 86.67% math 90% ...
  4. Maricopa CEP Summer 2022

    Thank you so much for the quick reply! Yeah honestly Im gonna calculate my HESI score (if I at least got a 95% on English) with my class grades and see how many points I’ll get. I really don’t want to retake any classes but I do have mostly B’s...
  5. Maricopa CEP Summer 2022

    Hi guys! I recently didn’t get accepted to GCU/MCC Cep program with 78 points and a 3.4 GPA. I’m thinking of applying to the ASU program the next intake and was wondering everyone’s experience with applying to ASU and which maricopa college they...