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  1. 911!! I need advice from anybody that can help!!!

    first, i'd like to whole-heartedly thank all who took the time to read and reply... your time is valuable and greatly appreciated!! second, here's the update of my situation: the complaints: 1. i used vulgar language (the f-bomb to be precise) in a...
  2. 911!! I need advice from anybody that can help!!!

    There's no union, no real support for nurses as it becomes a "he said, she said" situation... where "they said, and I said". I'd heard that there were some underlying "hospital" issues months ago and to watch my butt, however I'm such a details frea...
  3. Last week... I lost my mind.. for a moment.. and said a curse word in a patient's room. It wasn't directed toward the patient, family member or anything of that nature. It was an off-handed (and STUPID) remark towards something that was on the tele...
  4. Cheyenne nurses?

    Sorry, Cheyenne Regional Medical Center, formerly United Medical Center.
  5. Cheyenne nurses?

    Yes, CRMC does.