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  1. UMSON CNL Fall 2022

    Congrats all! Is there anyone who hasn't heard back yet?
  2. UMSON CNL Fall 2022

    Any updates?
  3. UMSON CNL Fall 2022

    Congrats! Hoping to hear sometime this week (fingers crossed). Do they contact you via email or phone?
  4. UMSON CNL Fall 2022

    Any updates?
  5. UMSON CNL Fall 2022

    I have not heard any updates!
  6. UMSON CNL Fall 2022

    How soon after completing the timed essay did you hear back from them? Congrats again!
  7. UMSON CNL Fall 2022

    Congrats! Did you all have to interview before receiving acceptance letters?
  8. UMSON CNL Fall 2022

    Hi all! Does anyone know how much a factor the timed essay plays into the admission process/likelihood of getting an interview?
  9. UMSON CNL Fall 2022

    Hi! How soon after your application went under 'Committee Review' did you hear back? Thanks!
  10. Georgetown CNL Fall 2022

    Hi all! Has anyone who applied by the priority deadline for Georgetown's CNL program for Fall 2022 hear back yet?