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  1. DUKE MSN FALL 2022

    Decision posted. Accepted to FNP!
  2. DUKE MSN FALL 2022

    They usually release around noon time. So have a nice lunch, let’s wait and see LOL.
  3. DUKE MSN FALL 2022

    I talked to admission office a year ago. I was asking if I can apply for DNP with NP specialty but the DNP application on website is only for ppl are already nps. They told me I can add on DNP later if I got admitted. Just wondering how did you ap...
  4. DUKE MSN FALL 2022

    Quick question, was anyone able to apply for BSN to DNP? I was told there’s no direct entry for BSN to DNP with NP specialty or MSN to DNP with NP specialty. Has to be NP before you can apply for DNP?
  5. DUKE MSN FALL 2022

    when you log in, click view decision/update. the April 20 is there
  6. DUKE MSN FALL 2022

    I downloaded mine, under my demographic information, there is the date April 20. The following content is still about setting mine interview. Not sure if it is changed recently. Maybe April 20 is the date? Hopefully it is a good sign.
  7. DUKE MSN FALL 2022

    Emailed admission yesterday, decision will come out mid to late April still… I hope by end of next week cuz that’s mid April.
  8. NYU FNP Summer 2022

    I emailed admission office in Jan, they said there is no interview for FNP, the decision will be posted mid o late March. Anyone got interview?
  9. NYU FNP Summer 2022

    no, I don't think the decision will be posted by end of march
  10. University of Washington DNP application 2022

    march16th I think
  11. University of Washington DNP application 2022

    accepted to FNP LOL.
  12. NYU FNP Summer 2022

    Guess I am not accepted either LOL. But the admission office told me the decision posted end of March.
  13. DUKE MSN FALL 2022

    anyone who applied to post certificate NP Program knows why we are doing Gap Analysis prior to being admitted to the program? Isn't that extra work for the admission staff? why don't we do it after we get admitted??
  14. DUKE MSN FALL 2022

    I heard mid April
  15. DUKE MSN FALL 2022

    I got the interview invite today!