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  1. Not sure if I’m cut out for this

    In the same boat as original poster... My preceptor has taken to shouting out directions to me that room 10 needs ____ and room 8 needs ____ . I am not learning to read the cerner and pick up the incoming Dr. orders myself..... then when I do have...
  2. Cerner Charting Chaos !

    And it is surprising me that this Cerner glorified X Cell spread sheet is still in use... Seems very old technology with parts that do not communicate to each other
  3. Cerner Charting Chaos !

    As a new RN Resident Nurse, I had no idea that the Cerner Charting would take so much of my time and energy away from patient care.... Documentation of 8am full detailed assessment, lines and drains, a noon assessment, and a 4 pm assessment along wi...
  4. New Grad Scared to Start in Med-Surg

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experiences !! Best !!
  5. New Grad Scared to Start in Med-Surg

    Hello!! At 55 years old, I am starting my new career as a BSN Nurse.... My Issue: I have heard terrible stories about the drama and chaos on the Med-Surg Floors. However, I have done a bit of research that Med-Surg experience is the most flexi...