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  1. Hello all, I am a new Grad RN and getting my feet wet in the ED as a new nurse. A lot of things I love and understand about the unit thus far; however, one thing I am hoping someone can give me a better picture on is compiling a better Triage S...
  2. New Grad - Temporary Work Until I Move

    Chare, Thanks for the reply. Honestly, I would like that too and I know that's the right choice in so many ways; but again, I'm working for a family business and as it stands I'm pivotal to day-to-day operations and trying to essentially carry ...
  3. New Grad - Temporary Work Until I Move

    Hello all, To preface, I am currently in a nursing program slated to graduate in August of this year. If all goes well, by year end I will have my RN license! Here's my dilemma though, my wife and I are planning to move in Spring/Summer of 202...