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TaylorHM1992 has 5 years experience and specializes in Home Health.

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  1. Resident Resistant To Taking Meds

    I am home health (I specialize in wounds and psychiatry, weird combo?), therefore I go to many facilities. Most recently, one of the facilities called me because one of the patient's I follow was refusing all medications. What I did and it...

    I work in home health. My patient today was ordered 20ml of an IV antibiotic to be infused over 4 minutes. My co-worked went out yesterday to educate the patient and caregiver on how to administer. When I got there today, they stated that they ...
  3. Clarification

    Since reading your reply, I have been doing that.. specifying when the dressing could be discontinued. Thank you so much!
  4. Newbie needing advice

    I agree with the posts before me, do online training. I was super nervous staging when I first started. I carried around a pocket book for staging them LOL! I could refer to it PRN. But honestly, the more you do it.. the more comfortable and ...
  5. Clarification

    Hey everyone, new here ? For home health, I do a lot of wound care. I just need clarification: Whenever my patient's wound is scabbed over, no signs of infection, no drainage, odor, etc... I would leave it OTA for the body to do it's natural he...