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donnydilaudid has 5 years experience and specializes in LTC, med-surg, DD, agency.

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  1. 2nd Shift Med Pass

    I love 3-11 shifts! At most facilities I've been to for 3-11s, you will likely have two decent sized med passes - one at dinner time and one at HS. Oftentimes, you'll also have some meds to pass when you first get there at 3 PM but there usually ar...
  2. Is this normal? Or should I move on?

    Thank you! You make a good point - there are lots of other home health agencies in my city, and I do enjoy the visits themselves. Might just look into trying out another agency instead of throwing in the towel and going back to LTC. I appreciate t...
  3. Okay to wear traditional nurse uniform to work?

    Very good to know - hadn't heard of Oyxdol before. I'll look for it. Thank you! ? Oh, and re: the atorvastatin reference, so many of our folks were on it at that facility and it came in a white oblong tablet formulation....a few of the nurses I wor...
  4. Why do you visit

    Advice, learning, support, venting...I'm new, membership wise, to AN, but I've browsed it since I was in high school in the late 2000s. Seems like a good resource!
  5. Okay to wear traditional nurse uniform to work?

    I don't think state would have any issue with it. It would be more of a thing that'd be up to your employer's dress code. I don't wear a cap and dress (male nurse here) but I do proudly wear my LPN pin and often wear a traditional collared white un...
  6. What's Your Best Nursing Ghost Story?

    I believe that was his ancestry!
  7. What's Your Best Nursing Ghost Story?

    I worked in a sleepy little SNF for a few years and started out on the night shift. I had a resident on hospice, end stage CHF and CKD, who was confused. He'd call the nurses station instead of calling his wife by accident. I'd tell him, "Mr. XYZ,...
  8. Is this normal? Or should I move on?

    Hi y'all, new here, been a lurker for many years. I'm new to home health; started in early December. Have 5 years of prior experience in various settings (was staff in LTC, med-surg, and dev disabilities, and have done facility shifts through this ...