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  1. rortiz94

    Golden West College ADN Fall 2022

    @Adrian Cuevas I would guess that GWC would require official scores sent to them once you are accepted, and will be fine with the documentation you have so far 🙂 And regarding you second question, if you have sent over your UCI transcript to GW...
  2. rortiz94

    Golden West College ADN Fall 2022

    Hey @axel_123 ! 80-84 points is really good! I heard the cut off is somewhere around there, so you have a good chance of getting accepted. Are you applying to to other schools? I still have to take the TEAS, so I won't know till a couple months how m...
  3. Hello everyone, I am creating this forum so other pre-nursing students can gather and share helpful information regarding the application process, specifically for GWC's Fall 2022 entry. Some information I received by (MODERATOR EDIT OF NAME) (...