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  1. OHSU ABSN 2022

    Just got mine! Congrats to you too!
  2. OHSU ABSN 2022

    OHSUs “join an information session” email just gave me an unneeded heart attack LOL… still no updates everyone ?
  3. OHSU ABSN 2022

    I don’t, but last years forum shows they interviewed 46 applicants for 24 spots.
  4. OHSU ABSN 2022

    No, they told me they had interviews scheduled this past weekend too (like 3/18ish) and it usually takes them AT LEAST a week from the last interview dates to let us know
  5. OHSU ABSN 2022

    Kinda wishing the Ashland ABSN program had a written interview right now too😅 anyone else feeling a little nervous for their interview in the next couple days
  6. OHSU ABSN 2022

    Do you have an interview for this Friday the 11th or next week the 18th? Also if I remember right Ashland only has one start date, which is Summer!
  7. OHSU ABSN 2022

    Last year they had 107 applicants and 23 spots for that program
  8. OHSU ABSN 2022

    How many people do you think they interview for the program? Last year they had 23 actual program spots I believe for reference
  9. OHSU ABSN 2022

    I sent the same and they said the same ? why would they say congrats on your upcoming interview tho ughhh LOL
  10. Western University MSN-E 2022

    Today at 6pm! They sent an email saying my application status had been updated and to log onto the portal to see it. Also I didn’t receive an interview invite either so they’re probably doing those rejections first LOL
  11. Western University MSN-E 2022

    Just wanted to let those interested know that they have indeed begun sending out rejection emails LOL. Best of luck to you all in your future programs!
  12. OHSU ABSN 2022

    Anyone else (ABSN Ashland) just get an email from OHSU student nursing association congratulating them on their upcoming interview and inviting them to a mock interview? I haven't actually heard anything from OHSU regarding an interview invite so try...
  13. OHSU ABSN 2022

    I remember OHSU saying that Portland would be an essay interview while Ashland would be mor traditional interview. Has anyone gotten an interview invite for Ashland yet?
  14. Western University MSN-E 2022

    For those that received interviews- did you ever hear about your application being under review or did you just receive the interview invitation?
  15. OHSU ABSN 2022

    This is relevant for the ABSN Ashland program only so I'm not sure who it will apply to here BUT OHSU let me know that interview invitations will be sent out mid-February and the interviews will be held on March 11th and 12th!