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  1. George Mason ABSN Fall 2021 Thread

    How is/was the 2021 program? I got accepted into the 2022 cohort and I'd really appreciate any thoughts that current or former students might have. I also got into GW's program and I am trying to make a decision.
  2. GMU ABSN 2022 Entry

    Just got accepted off the waitlist. Have to accept or decline by Apr 22.
  3. GWU ABSN Fall 2022

    Has anyone heard anything about when registration might start?
  4. GMU ABSN 2022 Entry

    Out of curiosity, what's the accept/decline by date?
  5. George Washington (GWU) BSN Summer 2022

    Good call. I started one 🙂
  6. GWU ABSN Fall 2022

    Anyone else starting in Fall 2022? I'd love to get a group going somewhere.
  7. George Washington (GWU) BSN Summer 2022

    I did apply by the priority deadline and got my acceptance on Feb 16.
  8. George Washington (GWU) BSN Summer 2022

    Anyone starting Fall 2022?
  9. GMU ABSN 2022 Entry

    Congrats everyone! I got waitlisted which is really surprising since I've already got a Master's degree. Maybe because I've got four pre-reqs that I'm still working on? Oh well. I guess I'll accept my place at GW and panic later about the ridiculous...
  10. GMU ABSN 2022 Entry

    No :(
  11. GMU ABSN 2022 Entry

    Got an email back. They said they are reviewing applications. "Mid-March, if not sooner" was the response.
  12. GMU ABSN 2022 Entry

    You're right; it's marked as completed. Decision/Notification is marked as Not Started. I did email the program asking for an update (I'm sure they are getting tons of people asking...). I'll let you know when/if I hear back.
  13. GMU ABSN 2022 Entry

    I had 90 too, so I'm assuming that's normal. I am working on a few pre-reqs now that finish in May. I think I'm going to email the department and ask for an update on decisions. I got notified last night that I got into the GW program but at mor...
  14. GMU ABSN 2022 Entry

    Just got an email from GMU. Got all excited. It was just the general "you have been admitted as a transfer student" thing. Boo!
  15. GMU ABSN 2022 Entry