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  1. Stanford New Grad March 2022

    Got a verbal offer and email yesterday for surgical division 1 ? Good luck to everyone who is waiting to hear back!
  2. John Muir New Grad Residency March 2022

    Got an offer today with PCU at Walnut Creek, so it seems like they are reaching out!
  3. John Muir New Grad Residency March 2022

    Mentioned I was interested in PCU/telemetry in my cover letter and there were managers from both PCU and ICU there. Like everyone else said. Questions are very straightforward and all behavioral "tell me a time when...". Good luck everyone!
  4. Stanford New Grad March 2022

    Same experience with surgical division 1. The unit reached out to me the same day I interviewed on Thursday before 5pm
  5. UCSF New Grad Spring 2022

    Medical/Surgical - High Acuity Unit just went under review about an hour ago ?
  6. John Muir New Grad Residency March 2022

    Got a call today for an interview next week. She did not specify the unit, but that it will be a panel interview!
  7. Stanford New Grad March 2022

    Good luck everyone! Completed my interview this morning. If you studied the 6 behavioral questions from the slides, you should be good to go. Everyone's first question will be different and then it alternates in order.
  8. Stanford New Grad March 2022

    The flyer I had for the residency mentioned that "Must have a current CA RN License or confirmed NCLEX Test Date by no later than February 26, 2022"
  9. UCSF New Grad Spring 2022

    Applied to 5 units: M/S high acuity, surgical short stay, M/S general/specialty surgery, surgical transition care, transplant. All are still listed as "applied". Good luck everyone!
  10. California ATT

    You can also check the status on Breeze if you are wondering about transcripts and/or fingerprints to see if they were received. ?
  11. El Camino New Grad Program 2022

    From the previous forums it seem that they started reaching out to candidates a month after applications closed. Good luck everyone!
  12. StaRN New Grad Program 2022

    Applied last week. Received the behavioral questionnaire assessment from San Jose regional immediately but nothing else from that. For some reason my Good Sam application says "Completed", however my San Jose Regional one says "Submitted". ...
  13. Stanford New Grad March 2022

    I got an interview for Surgical Division 1 and would be open to share my application + resume and stuff.
  14. California ATT

    same here. Did the application two weeks before graduation (Dec 10). Completed all the fingerprint and stuff before the holidays and I am still waiting... Hope we get our ATT soon!
  15. Stanford New Grad March 2022

    I'm pretty flexible on Saturday and for Sunday I'm free after noon. Want to connect on email and/or social media?