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  1. Med Error

    Pleas stop attacking. I accepted my mistake, that is why I posted here and I been punished enough by my director anD myself . I didn’t think 9 unit is same as 9 ml . For some weird reasons I thought order asked me to give 9 ml . As I mentioned befo...
  2. Med Error

    Yes. It was IV push
  3. Med Error

    This days rarely we use insulin R , insulin pens didn’t need dual sign off. Bedside I was totally distracted from insulin process because I saw a different usage for insulin and different route .
  4. Med Error

    I think people are confused about my situation. I am well familiar with insulin syringe and insulin . In this particular case , I told the charge nurse that I am unfamiliar with order . She told me don’t worry insulin and dextrose balance each others...
  5. Med Error

    I have 5 years of nursing experience. 1.5 years in rehab and 3.5 years In med surge . This was a 13 weeks PRN assignment, similar to traveling but the difference is that you get hire through the hospital not agency .
  6. Med Error

    I got an order to give insulin IV. Dextrose and calcium Gluconate due to a critical K . This order was so odd to me. I never heard anything like it. I asked the charge and I said insulin and dextrose are apposite is this order correct? She sai...