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Critical Care, Hospice, Home Nursing

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marlene L has 24 years experience and specializes in Critical Care, Hospice, Home Nursing.

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  1. There was a sweet physician who was so good to his patients. He was also very trusting of the nursing staff and our suggestions. One day I suggested several things for a patient. He grabbed the chart and wrote 'give the patient anything that Marlene ...
  2. Every July the new resident docs would arrive, often so green that they relied on nursing to help with orders. I had a new admit and reminded the doctor to write for I & Os, he asked me twice to repeat it and then said, 'how do I do that'. I said...
  3. Hospice Holidays

    I became part of the largest home hospice in my area four years ago just after Christmas. I work at night from home and on my own. In addition to calls and visits for various issues that arise, I am also in attendance for any deaths. I do an average ...
  4. Article Contest: Holiday Edition 2021

    In this contest, do all submissions get published, or just the ones that win the prize?