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  1. UCSF MEPN 2023

    I’m applying for the same @Jen L. I would love to meet up. I’m in the East Bay as well!
  2. UCSF MEPN 2023

    @Nursee2beThanks for all the insight! I really appreciate it. @mmCAI’m excited to hear about what they have in store for us this year. I’ve definitely been given the same advice, spend time with family, travel, etc because it will be intense one we...
  3. UCSF MEPN 2023

    Thank you for all your insight Nursee2be. This is really helpful! I do remember reading that acceptances came out really late last year. This all makes sense now. Well, I guess we sit right until we hear what their plans are. Thanks again!
  4. UCSF MEPN 2023

    Hi! I’m from the Bay (east bay) as well and applying to AGPCNP. Only applying to the few Bay Area schools as I need to stay local. I’m a career switcher and I SO wish I had insight into what this announcement is. Thanks for reaching out!
  5. UCSF MEPN 2023

    Hi Everyone! I thought I’d create a thread since applications for the June 2023 start, should be opening soon. Would be great to discuss the process, dates, etc. Best of luck! -Megan