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  1. I am struggling a bit with 12 lead ECGs. I prefer counting down the intercostal spaces from the clavicle. I just wanted to check that the first space between the clavicle and first rib IS NOT counted as the first intercostal space so you skip that ...
  2. Have I been fired from new day surgery job?

    So my manager has chosen not to respond to requests by email for further feedback. Do I take this as a sign to move on, please help.
  3. Have I been fired from new day surgery job?

    Feeling upset and annoyed that I was loyal to this job, and that I gave up a full time job outside of nursing for this job.
  4. I recently started as a casual nurse in a day surgery/procedure unit doing pre and post op cares. I have a couple of years experience working on surgical wards but then took a couple of years off until I started this new casual job. I haven't receive...
  5. Heart Rate Bouncing Up and Down

    The patient is stable, pulse oximeter was used for post procedure vital signs monitoring. The patient had a history of strokes (no diagnosis of AF) and had ceased anticoagulant for procedure. Could this be why? Sorry I’m a student it’s the first time...
  6. Heart Rate Bouncing Up and Down

    When a heart rate bounces up and down within seconds on a pulse oximeter monitor say from 90 to 120 is this a sign it’s irregular and patient may have atrial fibrillation?