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MixedVenousSat has 3 years experience and specializes in CVICU.

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  1. Do you work with PA lines often? Are they really a thing of the past?

    Often used in our cardiothoracic surgial ICUs. Patients are risk profiled before surgery via pre-op heart function, and I'm sure the MDs have an algorithm for which patients to swan before cardiac surgery. They provide useful information in assessing...
  2. What's on Your Nurse Christmas Wish List?

    I know this will never happen, but a Butterfly iQ vascular access probe for ultrasound IV's. one can dream
  3. IV Sedation Question

    If they had used propofol, they would have likely intubated her (or at the very least, had an LMA) and needed a fully qualified anesthesia provider at the operation. Propofol (at comparative sedative doses) also has similar amnestic effects as Versed...
  4. CCU: ICU or no?

    Unit names have become very confusing, especially in cardiac specialties. The easier way is to ask this: Can this unit take care of a patient with an endotracheal tube, fully sedated and on full ventilator support settings? Can you start Levophed and...