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  1. Hey guys starting this thread for anyone who applied and or accepted a seat to the program!
  2. William Paterson New Jersey ABSN Program

    Do you remember when you got your decision letter last year ? I know you have to take three courses in Spring and then the main program starts in Summer , when will you finish ? thank you for making a post ! hope all is well
  3. NYU ABSN Spring 2022

    About 120k I found that out after getting accepted last year first semester is the cheapest and it gets more expensive as it goes
  4. NYU ABSN Spring 2022

    You should look into Montclair state University. It’s a Summer start program entry level masters in nursing. Applications are due next month I believe!
  5. NYU ABSN Spring 2022

    Thank you for sharing your experience makes me feel better that I ultimately declined
  6. NYU ABSN Spring 2022

    Keep your head up guys , there will still be spots next week. I wanted to see the cost / financial aid difference between NYU and seton hall as I was accepted to both. I will be declining NYU due to harder commute. So I know there will be at least my...
  7. NYU ABSN Spring 2022

    Hey guys! I’ve been a silent lurker since I applied in august. I just got accepted today! 4.0 in all pre reqs and they were completed before the application deadline. No prior medical background. Previously majored in Fine arts