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SkiingRN has 18 years experience and specializes in cardiology.

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  1. PhD interview

    It did go OK! I got accepted! For anyone else who may be preparing for grad school to get a PhD, you will most likely feel unprepared for your interview. A few students and faculty members have told me that no one feels prepared for those. Feel free ...
  2. PhD interview

    In case anyone can use this info...I wore a suit jacket. I'm glad I did. I was asked about how I felt that certain faculty could help me with my specific research topic, to describe my research topic in more detail than was asked in the application, ...
  3. PhD interview

    I thought that would be the best idea. Thanks for confirming!
  4. PhD interview

    Hello! I have an interview with the University of Arizona this week for their PhD program. I have an odd question...the interview is on Friday, and I have to work. I am seeing a bunch of patients that day, so need to be at work and the interview is o...