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SkiingRN has 18 years experience and specializes in cardiology.

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  1. PhD interview

    I'm doing the BSN-PhD route. I chose the University of Arizona because I felt like they actually wanted me there, and their research aligns with mine. I only applied there and the University of Utah, but I felt like I would get more support at Arizon...
  2. PhD interview

    Hi! I have orientation next week, and I start classes the week after. Feel free to pick my brain!
  3. Got The Worst Score On Quiz In My Class

    No one asks what grades you got in nursing school during a job interview. The classes I had to work the hardest in but got lower grades are the classes I learned the most. It's better to learn critical thinking skills than get straight A's in nursing...
  4. PhD interview

    It did go OK! I got accepted! For anyone else who may be preparing for grad school to get a PhD, you will most likely feel unprepared for your interview. A few students and faculty members have told me that no one feels prepared for those. Feel free ...
  5. Quitting the CVICU

    I'm not sure if you have looked at the American Association of Critical Care Nurses, but they might have some resources for you. Is there another hospital in your area you could transfer to? I'm not sure if that would be a better environment, but you...
  6. PhD interview

    In case anyone can use this info...I wore a suit jacket. I'm glad I did. I was asked about how I felt that certain faculty could help me with my specific research topic, to describe my research topic in more detail than was asked in the application, ...
  7. PhD interview

    I thought that would be the best idea. Thanks for confirming!
  8. PhD interview

    Hello! I have an interview with the University of Arizona this week for their PhD program. I have an odd question...the interview is on Friday, and I have to work. I am seeing a bunch of patients that day, so need to be at work and the interview is o...