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Matricies has 5 years experience as a BSN and specializes in Long Term Care.

I'm an RN, BSN who has recently completed their bachelors degree and is now in the process of joining the military. I work with the elderly and like to enjoy my time in life.

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  1. Addressing the Nursing Burnout Crisis

    I get slightly frustrated with this situation quite a lot. These places where we're expected to give the best care to patients rarely give the best care to us. Your expected to keep satisfaction high, while at the same time juggling a ridiculous amou...
  2. Burned Out?

    I think this situation of burnout was hit on the head by another post here. Nursing is a hard field and your expected to do a lot and handle a lot. I can deal with the daily work expected of me and I don't think my clinicals weren't necessarily ineff...
  3. Vaccination Mandating

    After spending some time looking through Ebsco articles on Cinahl, I might have been mistaken. It looks like for the most part the vaccine mandate is actually working. The only articles I even found mentioning what I talked about mostly were public h...
  4. Vaccination Mandating

    I think mandates are a nice idea in theory and they could have been good in implementation but unfortunately at this point in the pandemic, all thats going to happen is a massive shortage of workers due to people not taking the vaccine. It's been sho...
  5. Staffing Shortages

    My facility is doing nothing. Literally nothing. Normally how our high turnover, low hire rate goes is we have a period where we don't have a lot of people with agency involved and then we get people back for a few months and while not perfect was be...
  6. Where do you stand on "Nurses don't get paid enough"?

    Hey there, I think it depends on your specialty and the company you work for and even then it might not be adequate. In my case, absolutely not. We are critically understaffed in various areas of my nursing home, dealing with families, administr...