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Psychiatric Crisis
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ChknWing has 12 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Psychiatric Crisis.

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  1. Mandatory Overtime

    wow. no wonder nursing is in such a staffing crisis.
  2. Mandatory Overtime

    have you found that employers are agreeable to it? like if you make it clear in the interview, it has not kept you from getting job offers? your comment gives me hope. I have a similar attitude toward it
  3. Nursing Schools in Ocean County?

    thats your only option in ocean county as far as I know. you can also try brookdale or rutgers.
  4. Mandatory Overtime

    I will certainly do that once we have decided where we are relocating to. thank you!
  5. Mandatory Overtime

    yes I definitely feel like the legality of what exactly is considered "patient abandonment" is not understood. and I've read people say that employers will use that as a threat when you decline overtime etc when that is not correct or accurate (never...
  6. Mandatory Overtime

    A part time with benefits position with the understanding that it's actually going to be full time hours. Yeah, maybe. I can't believe that this is the systems solution to the nursing shortage. No wonder everyone is burnt out. Are you saying tha...
  7. Mandatory Overtime

    This question is for US nurses. I am a nurse in a unionized hospital within a state that has made mandatory overtime for nurses illegal. We are considering an out-of-state move, and I only recently learned that there are many other states t...