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  1. CPNRE November 2021

    @Meesha M , thanks a lot. If you don't mind can I please get your email id ?
  2. CPNRE November 2021

    Hi @lanie1576 , Do you want to study together or take a prep course together or something ? I am just wondering if you got a message in you CNO account about REx-PN exam ???
  3. CPNRE November 2021

    Hi, happy for you Sia and @Meesha M. I did not make it through ?
  4. CPNRE November 2021

    Yes @Meesha M, I feel like @Sia is right. We both should still be hopeful. Lets wait for our result. You take care and lets keep in touch.
  5. CPNRE November 2021

    Hi @Meesha M, I gave mine on Saturday as well and I feel the same like you. But will have to thank you for cheering up me with all your nice comment for me in here. Thank you.
  6. CPNRE November 2021

    Yes, any last minutes advise. I have exam tomorrow morning. Feeling very nervous.
  7. CPNRE November 2021

    Oh Okay, with a right-sided cerebrovascular accident the Pt would have left-sided weakness. thanks @Meesha M
  8. CPNRE November 2021

    Mr. Jacobson, 75 years old, had a right cerebrovascular accident. In what position should the practical nurse place Mr. Jacobson’s chair prior to transferring him? a. Parallel to and at the head of the bed on the right side. b. Parallel to ...
  9. CPNRE November 2021

    @JJR Mine is also in couple of day now. I am also very overwhelmed and nervous.
  10. CPNRE November 2021

    Hi @Meesha MMost people in net are suggesting fro Prep Guide 3,4 &5. Mosby's Canadian PN book and CPNRE Comprehensive Review Book from