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Tina Hayes has 20 years experience and specializes in Obstetrics.

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  1. The Nursing Experience: Defining Moments That Change Us

    Oh my...that is heartbreaking. I'm thankful that you had a merciful doctor. That would definitely be a life changing experience for any nurse. Thank you for sharing your story. Tina
  2. The Nursing Experience: Defining Moments That Change Us

    Very well stated and I agree! Thank you for your comment.
  3. Virtually every nurse has a story about a patient or family encounter that has changed them or their role in nursing forever. I’ve had many memorable encounters over the years, but one changed my career trajectory more than any other. I was work...
  4. My Thoughts on Christmas

    As an obstetrics nurse, the birth of a child is all part of the daily work, but always exciting. I went into obstetric nursing because I had great experiences with my own deliveries and wanted to impact other women the way my nurses impacted me. Birt...
  5. How Could She Have Died?

    Thank you for sharing that! ED triage has different protocols in different places, but education is the key. Please share with your staff and spread the word.
  6. How Could She Have Died?

    Absolutely! And we need to remember that not everyone presents with textbook symptoms. Many women are in trouble with lower pressures, and we shouldn't "watch her" until she reaches 140/90. Kudos to you for being on top of things and not taking no f...
  7. How Could She Have Died?

    Very true. Unfortunately, OBED's are not the norm. Discharge teaching does now include theses warning signs, but they can be easily overlooked when a new mom is hyperfocused on her newborn.
  8. How Could She Have Died?

    Hi brandy1017, We used to believe that it was 'cured' by delivery of the placenta. It's only in fairly recent years that it was noted to occur after delivery, up to 6 weeks postpartum. The risk factors are older women, first pregnancy, obesity, ...
  9. How Could She Have Died?

    Thank you and you're right. Women of color consistently suffer greater mortality and morbidity. We can do so much better.
  10. How Could She Have Died?

    Amy D.* was in what should have been the happiest time of her life: 4 days out from having her much wanted and long awaited first child, a daughter. She was 32 and her husband Eric* was 34 when they found out they were expecting and read every book t...