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  1. LA Pierce College Spring 2022

    Ahhh same! I can’t wait to start. I emailed and was told we would get orientation info when they complete “the list” I’m assuming that means the people who are accepting their positions. If we don’t receive anything by the first week of December I wi...
  2. LA Pierce College Spring 2022

    Im not sure. I got my acceptance the first week of this month. Maybe you should email them?
  3. LA Pierce College Spring 2022

    Email me I’ll send you my number. IDK why I can’t private message on here
  4. LA Pierce College Fall 2021

    Hi! I got accepted for Spring 2022!! Anyone else??
  5. LA Pierce College Spring 2022

    Haven’t seen a thread for LA Pierce Spring 2022. I’m in but I haven’t received any information.
  6. College of the Canyons ADN Spring 2022

    I’m just wondering, how will we be notified if a spot has opened up for an alternate? Will we be getting a phone call or email? Also is it a bad idea to call and ask if we’ve moved up on the list? 😩 so much anxiety about whether I’m in or not. ...