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kpmadden83 has 2 years experience and specializes in pediatric LPN (bridging to RN).

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  1. Delayed pain management before change of shift?

    Thanks. I'm an LPN bridging for my RN. We're writing a paper and doing a presentation about change, quality care, and/or improvement. It should be based upon something we've seen in clinical or at our jobs. We saw that nurses would delay giving PRN m...
  2. Hello, I'm wondering if there are any articles (particularly any research papers) discussing delayed pain management (or simply delayed care in general) prior to the change of shift? For instance, a patient asks for some form of analgesia at 6:3...
  3. Normal Findings List?

    I just explained how the book is formatted up above, but it's not written in a clean, succinct way. And this is for a paper that the teacher says is a requirement that shouldn't be a huge area of focus for our time, that we should be spending every ...
  4. Normal Findings List?

    The book doesn't list normal findings anywhere. You'd have to go through, not just chapter by chapter, but section by section within the chapter. For instance, there is a single list of all the systems, but it doesn't have a list of normal findings...
  5. Normal Findings List?

    Hello, I'm bridging to my RN and currently taking a class about physical assessments. We have to write a paper that's a head-to-toe assessment with 8 pages describing the normal assessment findings. Our book lists the ABNORMAL findings, but we'...