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  1. War on Nurses

    Thanks ? Looking forward to getting out there.
  2. War on Nurses

    Australia is now using EN = LPN in a full-time 18 month course to cover all the basics in wards freeing up RN's for assisting doctors on rounds,wound care etc etc. Due to Covid-19 vaccination mandate hundreds of nurses have walked away and still are ...
  3. War on Nurses

    I'm in Australia and were already at breaking point in our Health System since Delta arrived. I'm ex-military and became a student nurse now aged 47 and as USA,Canada,UK,Australia all share covid-19 discoveries and seeing how detrimental to all Nurse...
  4. Starting EN in Feb 2022

    Yes I'm in Australia
  5. Starting EN in Feb 2022

    I'm starting my EN Nursing degree in 2022.. Which subject would be best to start learning now and get a head start before course begins..