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  1. What should I know before Nursing School?

    Go to a nursing school near where you want to work. Oftentimes one of your clinicals will lead to familiarity with a unit/hospital and their staff. It's harder to sell yourself to a hospital to which you are a stranger. Even better, get a part-time j...
  2. New Nurse I Don't Know Anything

    Monique, Seriously, have courage. Most of us do not start as RNs able to handle 4 acute patients. Do not expect others to give you courage or feel sorry for you, especially after all they've been through in 2020-2021. Project calm, good humor a...
  3. Has anyone reading this worked at an SSM Health clinic? Did you feel it was a good place to work. (I'm a new RN grad and trying to decide between clinic and med-surg).