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  1. Western University MSN-E 2022

    I'm wondering this as well! Just want to make sure that I'm looking at the right place
  2. APU ELM Fall 2022

    For IE, the deposit is due Feb. 5th, according to the email I got
  3. APU ELM Fall 2022

    Yes I filled out a form. I submitted it to my rep after my interview. Did you also fill out the form since you interviewed at IE right?
  4. Western University MSN-E 2022

    Jan-Feb for acceptances + interviews and March for the opposite LOL
  5. University of San Francisco ME-MSN Spring 2022

    Hi all! I got accepted (Orange campus) and paid the deposit to keep my spot. But if I get into another program that I am waiting on (won't know until Jan-Feb) then I will give up my spot!
  6. Western University MSN-E 2022

    My portal has this "Next Steps" section!
  7. University of San Francisco ME-MSN Spring 2022

    Hi! May I ask what other programs that you've applied to but are going to withdraw from?
  8. Western University MSN-E 2022

    @epo623 if you go to your application portal, it should say that your application has been forwarded to admissions for processing
  9. University of San Francisco ME-MSN Spring 2022

    Hey guys! I applied to the Orange County campus and just got an acceptance! Cohort 13 🙂 [ACCEPTED to OC CAMPUS 11/16] For those who are accepted into the program, are you going to accept your admission, or still waiting to hear back from other p...
  10. Hello all! I am currently an applicant for both Azusa Pacific and Western University for the EL-MSN program for the upcoming cohort. I would love to hear about your thoughts and comparison of the two schools. Which do you think is better than th...
  11. Azusa Pacific University ELM Program

    Thank you for you guys' comments about some issues you've been experiencing. I recently had an interview with APU for Fall 2022 and I also applied to WesternU as well. When comparing the two programs, I am unsure which is better. I know that with APU...
  12. University of San Diego MEPN FALL 2022

    Hi all! I also applied to USD for this cycle. I live about an hour a half away from campus so I am unsure if I could relocate if accepted. Wondering if anyone here lives far from USD as well?
  13. Azusa Pacific University ELM Program

    Hello @AHK! I talked to my other nursing friends after reading original poster's comments about APU. They told me that every nursing program will have its downfalls, along with its perks. I also believe that it's a given that there will bound to...
  14. Western University MSN-E 2022

    Hello everyone! I created this thread for everyone who applied to WesternU MSN-E program for the 2022 cohort. Looking forward to connecting with you all 😀
  15. APU ELM Fall 2022

    Hi all! I also applied to APU Inland Empire campus for Fall 2022 and had my interview last week! Looking forward to connecting with you all in this thread! 😁 I chose to have my interview in-person and the interview was about less than an hour. O...