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  1. SFSU ABSN 2022

    Ah! Hopefully I receive a new email soon, too. If you don't mind me asking, when did you did submit your application?
  2. SFSU ABSN 2022

    To whom did you send your official transcripts? I asked division of graduate studies about official transcripts and this is what they told me "Students are only required to submit official transcripts after an official admission acceptance into...
  3. SFSU ABSN 2022

    Wait we have to submit official transcripts by the deadline (Jan 15th)??? The last time I asked they told me not to send them UNLESS they request it... I'm so confused....... Re: NursingCas Confirmed today that ABSN applicants...
  4. SFSU ABSN 2022

    Hello! I haven't seen a thread for sfsu's ABSN 2022 yet so figured I start one. Can someone please clarify if we need to do the supplemental application on nursingcas? It says that its due on Jan. 15th, but when I reached out to sfsu's nursing d...